sunar-grup-basari-hikayeleriSUNAR Grup & Elita Food

  • Elita Food Organization small advertiser with a very limited budget,
  • Concept management, positioning, marketing communications , brand communications, media relations
  • In 7 years : 10 awards and become one o the ISO 500 companies in Turkey
  • PR Market Leader Award” ,MediaCat Conference
  • “Marketing and Communication Award UN FAO


  • Implementation and communications of the UNICEF’s international “Say Yes for Children” petition campaign in Turkey
  • Turkey elected as “the country with the highest participation» in the world
  • Turkey represented in the UN for the first time and got the right to tell her success story via CNN.
  • Doret Habib became first person to be honored by The Turkish Embaccy for her success, May, 2002


  • A special consultancy service submitted to MKS Devo Chemical Materials : Member of the Product Development Team
  • Concept management and corporate communications: Product differention and concept creation:
    • Health and textile : “breathing textile”


  • “The first nuclear disarmament workshop” hosted by Turkey in colloboration with The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Enka Group
    • The workshop was attended by all CTBT registered geographic areas, UNESCO and Islam Conference Organization
    • Press Conference and special interviews

kilicoglu-kiremitKılıçoğlu Kiremit

  • Monopol company in construction sector – roof tiling: B2B brand
  • Media relations
  • News take place in 54% of the national newspapers and 46% of the trade journals,   January, 2011


  • Meysu
  • Meysu, the oldest brand in soft drink industry (fruit juice) was a non-spenderin advertising
  • The communication strategy based on only media relations
  • According to the search of Marketing Turkey Magazine, the brand was the No 1 in press  coverage   (1.300.000 $)                     (August 15, 2009)

posta-bandosuPosta Newspaper

  • A newspaper having highest circulation but lowest image in the sector
  • Ad space sold to the major brands : Nearly non
  • Brand Management, Event Management, Media Relations targeted to A & B income groups and top 500 companies of Turkey
  • A good case study for marketing conferencess

tamer-karadagliCelebrity PR 

  • First time ever in Turkey
  • Actor Tamer Karadağlı who lived a major crisis in his personal life affecting his career
  • For positioning: Focus group research
  • Target: To position him as the most successful local actor in international arena
  • Mr. Karadağlı awarded by Lucas Film for his success in dubbing of Star Wars. May, 2005


Penguen Gıda

  • Penguen Gıda is a publicly held company
  • Marketing communications
  • A special consultancy service submitted to Penguen Gıda: Member of the Product Development Team
  • Product line extantion, “ready to eat”
  • Communication Concept: The background history of the family and the recreation of Balkan cuisine
  • 5000% increase in sales in a year :

The first of its industry, 2004-2005


London is closer than you think ” Campaign

  • The first time BA worked with a local communication agency in Turkey
  • Event marketing and media relations
  • Concept of the event: Historical values of England
  • The campaign implemented in Turkey was selected as No 1 globally and BA Turkey gained bonus with it’s highest sales volume , October 2003


‘‘Down Syndrome Awareness Compaign” 

  • Awareness campaign based on issue management, event management and media relations
  • At the end of the campaign, Bimex (IT retail) sponsored «Liberty Academy» which aims to train and to create employment opportunities for the youngsters with Down Syndrome