Doret Habib studied Business Management at Boğaziçi University. She has an MBA on Work Ethics and Rules of Protocol from Işık University.

She has been creating brand stories leaving a positive impact to create value for people, community, companies and individuals in the PR and communications. She writes for various magazines and newspapers.

She founded Doret Habib Consultancy in 2003. She provides Brand PR, Marketing and Communications Consultancy services.

What firsts and achievements has she been behind?

  • She was honoured as the first successful Communications Expert at an event hosted by the Turkish Embassy in New York which also featured EgemenBağışand İhsanDoğramacı. The presentation she delivered at the event was broadcast live by CNN International as well as by Turkish News Channels.
  • She received the “Golden Man of the Year” award from TTKD (The Association for Protecting All Consumers), affiliated to the Turkish Ministry of Industry.
  • She was selected by Dünya Paper as one of the 15 strongest women who leveraged the success rate of Turkey’s foremost companies with their talent and knowledge.
  • She worked as the General Coordinator of TOÇEV and the Coalition for the Rights of Children Turkey through the cooperation of UNICEF. She helped Turkey have a say in the United Nations World Children’s Summit for the first time because of the campaign and the project she led. She represented Turkey at the meeting held with Kofi Annan.
  • The United Nations granted an award to a private sector organisation for the first time in the fields of successful promotion and marketing because of her remarkable work with her clients
  • She provided consultancy services for companies such as Unilever, Lever, Pepsi Co Foods. She was the assistant of the Public Relations guruBetülMardin,.
  • She organised the first International World Young Achievers Conference in Turkey jointly with the Boğaziçi University.
  • She pioneeredin problem-solving and guidance for individuals and companies at a live radio broadcast, for the first time in Turkey, at Alem FM’s “YaşamsalÇözümlerAtölyesi[1]” radio show.
  • She came up with and put into practice the idea of organising the first Beach Volleyball Contest with Ice Tea and the first Snowboard Contest in Uludag with Ruffles. With the original idea of collecting coupons to win concert tickets, she created an opportunity for people to get concert tickets by collecting the coupons coming in snack packs during the project called “Tarkanconcerts with Panço”. She received a plate of achievement due to these firsts she came up with.
  • She played an active role in founding Turkey Down Syndrome Association and is still providing consultancy in her capacity as a board member. She helped people with Down syndrome engage in the business world through awareness-raising activities.
  • Turkey came up as the top selling country following her project consultancy services to British Airways.
  • She contributed to PenguenGıda’s increasing sales by five thousand percent in one year because of the concept she developed by selecting three existing products of the company as well as the communications work she did in cooperation with the company’s marketing staff.
  • She helped every project and company receive awards. She facilitated new investments and breakthroughs for her clients thanks to her promotional marketing communications.
  • She provided GÜLSAN GıdaMeysufrom Kayseri with consultancy support on communications with the goal of entering ISO 500.

She provided consultancy services to:

Unilever ( Sana, Lipton Ice Tea, Becel), Lever ( Omo, Domestos, Linea), Pepsi Co Foods (Ruffles, Panço, Pepsi Kurumsal), Commercial Union Sigorta, Castrol & BP , SEYAŞ, Swissotel, The Marmara Oteli, Bitkisel Yağ Sanayicileri Derneği, Toprak Holding, Libero, Libresse, Marmara Üniversitesi Deprem Sonrası Eğitim Seferberliği, Işık Okulları ve Üniversitesi, Yüzyıl Işıl Okulları gibi firmalarla çalıştı.

PenguenGıda, British Airways, TOÇEV, UNICEF, ŞişliBelediyesi, Meysu, GülsanGıda, Nevbağ, Meybuz, Meysuoutlet, Tahsildaroglu, KılıçoğluKiremit, BanuKazanç, Robin Sharma, Tamer Karadağlı, Atiye, ZeynepErol, Banyan Restaurant, MKS Devo,  Enka, NükleerSilahsızlanmaKonferansı, Posta Gazetesi, EleleveSeninledergisi, Türkiye Down SendromuDerneği, Uluslararası Güvenilir Gıda Zirvesi, Özel Efdal Okulları, Fulya Ayak Sağlığı Merkezi.


[1]Life Solutions Workshop